Sandra Gojkovic

Sandra Gojkovic


Growing up in Switzerland, Sandra knew from a young age that she wanted to take her dedication to education and empowerment for the unprivileged to the places that needed it the most. She received her professional qualifications in Pharmaceutical Sciences and achieved a Commercial Baccalaureate followed by language stays in the western part of Switzerland, Italy and the UK. Her early career was in Regulatory Affairs for a Swiss Pharmaceutical company in Zurich. She moved on to the Pragma Group in Dubai where she worked in their Business Development and Marketing Department. It was from Dubai that Sandra took the leap to begin travels through India and Africa. Everywhere she travelled she engaged in volunteer work with local cultural groups. In 2012, she launched The India School Project, with her own financial resources. In 2013 while still working on a Psychology degree, Sandra completed a 3-month internship in Social Business and Microfinance with Nobel Peace Price Winner Muhammad Yunus in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is currently based in Switzerland  and travels biannually to contribute to her initiatives in India.


Peter Waser has over two decades of executive experience in IT/IS technology and telecommunication industry. Before transitioning to Microsoft Western Europe, he was acting as Country General Manager for Microsoft Switzerland for over five years. Prior to his various leadership positions at Microsoft he was responsible for several key strategic projects for the Swiss national telecommunication provider and also restructured and managed large customer contact centres whilst there. From 1988 to 1998 Peter Waser worked for IBM in national and international management positions, Peter started as an industry specialist for interbank and stocks exchange trading systems, later he took responsibility for the networking hardware and software product business unit. Today, he is acting as a Board of Directors and Investor in various Swiss and foreign companies. Peter has a BSc from City University of Bellevue WA, USA and has further management qualifications from the Open University, UK. He lives with his family in Feldmeilen and Andermatt, Switzerland.

Peter Waser



Dr. Patrick Sommer

Legal Counsel

Dr. Patrick Sommer focuses on competition law, corporate law and M & A. Patrick has graduated from the University of St. Gallen in 1987 and was admitted to the bar in 1989. He has written his doctoral thesis on the relationship of Switzerland to the European Union and completed postgraduate studies at the Collège d’Europe in Brugues with the H.E.E. diploma. He then worked for seven years in the legal department of the Swiss multinational group Holcim where he has been promoted to the offices of General Counsel and Secretary of the Board of Directors. In 2000 Patrick Sommer joined CMS and is a partner since 2002. 


Madhumita Bannerjee

Project Manager

Our local project coordinator Madhumita Bannerjee was born in India. She has a Masters in sociology with a focus on psychology.  She contributes a lot of expertise and professional experience, which she gained in part through her work for UNICEF. She is also very aware of the issues of the larger cities, as well as those of the rural communities.